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20 Years

Service Excellence

Venture Tea (Pvt) Ltd is ranked among the top 10 Exporters & Manufacturers of Pure Ceylon Tea and also providing Private Label Tea Solutions. We are committed to maintaining transparency & strict adherence to international manufacturing standards, while prioritizing long-term business relationships.


Safety Standards

Over the decades of operation with a international clients, we have upgraded our facilities to satisfy international food standards. Various certifications for the factory and production process ensure a consistent output of the finest tea products. Guaranteeing our private label partners the best finished products to land on their retail shelves.


Manufacturing Standards

Our brand new factory, office & warehouse has been carefully designed and maintained to cater to the audit standards of multinational brands. Guaranteeing the highest level of hygiene and safety for equipment and staff. Streamlining the efficiency of each factory floor and production line. While also assuring the highest quality of finished product.

Brand New

Manufacturing Facility

Equipped with the latest technology, our factory is a step ahead in the Tea Industry. It is equipped with clean rooms, decontamination access points, automated sanitation stations and temperature checks. Our premises & employee facilities are kept to the highest quality standards & are continuously audited by major multinational tea brands.


Quality Assurance

Each and every box of tea is manually checked for defects by our quality assurance staff. Our strong commitment to supply the best of Pure Ceylon Tea, product and packaging to our consumers has lead the Venture Tea team to maintain automated checkpoints as well as traditional human quality checks. Assuring that your cup of Ceylon Tea is the best.


Private Label Tea Brands

We at Venture Tea have designed and produced numerous successful brands which are placed in over 45 countries. Startups, existing companies and multinational brands of tea use our services in confidence to design, develop and market new brands and products to their clients. Our Ceylon Tea Marketing team create products from inception to export.

Pure Ceylon

Black Tea Exports

Each week, the Tea Room is filled with thousands of samples of different grades of tea from all the tea estates in the island. These samples are graded and tasted prior to purchase at the Colombo Tea Auctions. Our strength in annual bulk purchases at the auctions have allowed for the cost efficient supply of Wholesale or Bulk Tea to key markets.


Warehousing & Shipping

Our brand new and advanced warehouse is equipped with the machinery to stack products to the safely according to international practices. We even provide cool room storage. The warehouse maintains a clean facility 24/7. Products are stored directly after packaging and thereafter shipped directly from our warehouse, to the port and to your doorstep.




About Us

Venture Tea produces, manufactures and exports the finest Pure Ceylon Tea found in Sri Lanka. As one of the largest exporters and wholesalers of Tea in Colombo, we are able to provide the best quality tea at the most cost efficient prices.

Our products include bulk tea, private label (OEM) tea, custom blends & flavors as well as value added tea. We own one of the largest tea manufacturing factories, which caters to Private Label tea packaging and co packing requirements of many tea brands around the world.

We have the capacity to quality test several thousands of tea samples weekly at our tea blending facility. They are sourced from estates located in various tea growing regions across Sri Lanka. We have consistently been one of the largest buyers of tea at the Colombo Tea Auctions. This allows us access to significant benefits which we pass onto our customers.

The finest Black Tea that originates in Sri Lanka is our specialty product. It is custom blended to your brands specific taste and characteristic requirement.

Our experienced and professional team, with decades of experience will help you bring together creativity and innovation to produce international quality Black Tea Products. Our brands and our customers brands can be found in over 45 countries.

Our flexible approach to sourcing, producing and packaging finished products allows you to obtain black tea or green tea under your own Private Label Brand, giving you greater control over factors such as pricing, package design, size, production and distribution. Venture Tea remains one of the leading Ceylon Tea exporters to the world, Co Packing for small, medium and large Tea Brands worldwide.

Pure Ceylon Tea, Black Tea, Tea Bags, Wholesale Tea Supplier, Tea Export, Sri Lanka


Bulk Tea

Sourcing samples of Pure Ceylon Tea from estates throughout the island for quality assurance.

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Tarlton Tea

Our in-house Tarlton Tea brand of Pure Ceylon Tea. The largest range available to ship to your door.

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Private Label

Creating your required blend or flavor of Ceylon Tea and delivering to your company on doorstep.

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Fulfilling Tea bagging, packing  and warehousing requirements for your established brand.

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Pure Ceylon Tea

Pure Ceylon Tea, Black Tea, Whole Leaf, Lose Leaf, Wholesale Tea Supplier, Tea Export, Sri Lanka
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Ceylon Tea, Black Tea, Whole Leaf, Lose Leaf, Wholesale Tea Supplier, Tea Export, Sri Lanka
Pure Ceylon Tea, Green Tea, Whole Leaf, Lose Leaf, Wholesale Tea Supplier, Tea Export, Sri Lanka
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