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Alove Vera Tea

Experience the revitalizing blend of Tarlton’s Aloe Vera Green Tea. Carefully crafted to combine the refreshing notes of green tea with the natural goodness of aloe vera, this tea offers a harmonious sip. Each tea bag, with its convenient string and tag, ensures easy brewing for your daily cup. You can choose from our packaging options of 25 or 100 tea bags to suit your preference. Tarlton’s Aloe Vera Green Tea presents a fusion of quality and wellness in every sip.

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Type Of Tea

Flavoured Green Tea, Health & Wellness Tea, Pure Ceylon Green Tea

Tea Grade


Tea Growing Regions


Flavour of Tea

Alove Vera

Herbs & Spices


Tea Packing Form

Paper Carton, String & Tag Tea Bags

Net Weight

50g, 200g

Bulk Packing Information

2g x 25 x 72, 2g x 100 x 36

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