Venture Tea, Colombo, Sri Lanka
tarlton chocolate snowman eco friendly ceylon tea bag carton

Chocolate Snowman

Tarlton’s Chocolate Snowman Tea is a decadent delight that promises to indulge your senses. This winter-inspired blend combines the rich, velvety taste of chocolate and the refreshing taste of peppermint with the pure goodness of Ceylon tea. This tea is sure to be a festive favorite with its comforting warmth of cocoa and cool notes of peppermint melding perfectly with the smoothness of Ceylon tea leaves. At Tarlton, we’re excited to share our dedication to sustainability. We’ve taken a big step forward by making our tea packaging and bags biodegradable and recyclable. Now, when you enjoy this product, you can do so with a clear conscience, knowing that you’re making a positive difference for our planet.

Type Of Tea

Flavoured Black Tea

Tea Grade

BOPF – Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings

Tea Growing Regions

High Grown

Flavour of Tea

Chocolate, Peppermint

Herbs & Spices


Tea Packing Form

Paper Envelope, String & Tag Tea Bags

Net Weight


Bulk Packing Information

1.5g x 20 x 24

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