Venture Tea, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Venture Tea Office Premises

Venture Tea, recently moved into its brand new office premises. A joined tea blending and packing factory fitted with the latest production lines in Sri Lanka. Fully functional the the factory caters to the world-class standards required by multinational tea brands. The office premises and policies are designed and implemented to sustain the wellbeing and safety of our employees. With spacious interiors, specialized SBU’s, hygienic services  and personalized facilities for employees 24/7.

Factory Upgrade

The latest Venture Tea office and factory premises are equipped with the most modern technology to cater to the highest standards and quality of black tea, green tea, flavoured tea, herbal tea and value added tea required by small, medium or multinational brands across the globe.
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The Office

Spacious Interiors

The office premises are well segregated by spacious interiors. In addition to aesthetic elegance,  it was also designed to create a safe working environment for front office and back office department employees.

Specialized Units

Each department or functional unit of the tea industry is held in its own area and runs as it’s own SBU. Managed by top professionals in the field they key is to provide the best service to each and every client.

Business Oriented

With multiple business meeting rooms, presentation rooms and business centers, we welcome our clients when required. All within the safety protocols established within the premises.

Office Premises

The office premises along with the factory was completed in 2022 and is already fully functional, catering to millions of kilograms of Pure Ceylon Tea each month.

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Health & Safety

The building and production floors are fitted for maintaining and monitoring safety. Sanitization points  are placed throughout the building, temperature monitoring sentries at access points and clean rooms with high pressure to remove particulates prior to entering any factory floor.

Staff Facilities

All employees are provided with transport to and back from the factory. Changing rooms, security lockers are available for use. A  the spacious cafeteria and large dining rooms are fitted with food grade material. Safe drinking water, purification points and cleaning sections are available in the same area. All staff facilities are accessible through temperature checks and sanitization points.

Venture Tea, Ceylon Tea Exporter, Colombo Sri Lanka
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