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Ceylon Tea, Wholesale, Tea Warehouse in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Tea Exporter and Manufacturer

Our History

What started off as an entrepreneurial mission almost two decades ago has blossomed into a multi million dollar empire, exporting over 15 Million Kilos each year to over 45 countries worldwide.

Venture Tea (Pvt) Ltd., is one of the leading tea suppliers and exporters of tea in Sri Lanka. Boasting of consistency and innovation that lie as our pillars of strength, Our Black Tea Exports have maintained an unprecedented stand as one of Sri Lanka's premier Ceylon Tea Exporters. Holding our prestigious ranking among Sri Lanka's Top 10 Tea producing and value adding companies, Venture Tea continues to take the global stage as a company with innovative products being exported to Europe, China, Taiwan and the Middle East.


Our Ceylon Tea Exports have consistently grown and maintained position among the top 10 Producers, Manufacturers and Private Label Co-Packers of Ceylon Tea over the last two decades. We cater to the international demand for primarily Ceylon Black Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea, Flavoured Tea, Wellness Tea and Value Added Tea. Our services are backed with 2 decades of expertise in sourcing at the Colombo Tea Auctions, grading tea perfectly & blending custom teas and also producing tea products for of some of the top Multinational Tea Brands in the world today. Our strong commitment to transparency and nurturing long term client relationships have set us apart in the Tea Exporters industry.

The unique flavour of Venture Tea is derived from the finest, freshly picked tea leaves, from the highest quality plants from lush green plantations across the island. At the heart of the company’s mission is to ensure that every customer can delight themselves with the perfect cup of Ceylon Tea, steeped with the unique Venture Tea flavour that is celebrated across the globe.

& Experiences

In addition to internationally exporting our own private label, Venture Tea is also committed to providing customers with the ability to utilize our Private Label OEM services. This white label service solution allows customers to utilize our suite of high quality service offerings that range from product design, blend selection, and packaging, to market and distribute their own private label of tea products, backed by the quality of Venture Tea.

With over a decade of experience, today, Venture Tea supplies international standard tea to 45+ countries across the globe utilizing a range of its own supply channels and labels. The company currently exports bulk tea to around 18 countries (e.g., USA, Russia, Kuwait, Latvia, Germany) and the Tarlton Brand of tea is distributed to around 26 countries (e.g., Hong Kong, Chile, Venezuela, Poland, Lithuania). Similarly, Venture Tea’s OEM services extend to 25+ countries (e.g., Czech Republic, Guinea, New Zealand, Ukraine, Panama).


At the heart of our organization is the value we place on establishing strong and long term client relationships.

Venture Tea produces and exports some of the most fresh Pure Ceylon Tea that can be found. Our dynamic team helps bring creativity and innovation together to produce international standard quality tea products that can be found in 45 countries across the globe. Our flexible approach allows you to obtain teas under your own Private Label or Brand giving you greater control over factors such as pricing, package design, size, production and distribution. Venture tea remains one of the leading tea exporters to the world.

Who We Are

Tea is our passion. Venture Tea started its operation in 2005 with a handful of employees and it's growing each year by providing products and services to our business partners around the world.

Venture Tea exports to all parts of the globe under our own Branded Tea, Private Label tea, Co-Packing products and Ceylon tea in Bulk Tea form.

What We Do

We focus on 3 things

· We blend a variety of traditional and healthy ingredients.

· We do not compromise on the taste and these recipes have taken our blenders years to perfect.

· We make a great cup of tea. Teas have a great value, they are easy to find, easy to share, easy to understand.

Why It Matters

Simply because we truly care about our customers, our employees and our community. They are at the center of all that we do. While our pride lies in the passionate work that is poured into our products out of the pure love for tea!

"a better state of mind begins with a cup of tea."

Our Vision

At Venture Tea, we are passionate about supplying our clients with the world’s best tea products. Providing an exceptional tea experience is a key ingredient of our business. We continuously work to create the most unique and exciting flavour combinations, in order to offer our clients an extensive selection of teas.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clients with high-quality products that create the true experience of tea. We aim to centralize our operations and provide our clients with the best service. Our extensive range of teas caters to customers who are as enthusiastic about tea as we are. We believe our products should provide value to our customers, employees and communities we work with. Therefore, we work extremely hard to build long-lasting relationships with the people who help produce our tea



we believe that our values and policies are the foundation of our business and play a vital role in shaping the way we operate and interact with each other, as well as with our clients, customers, and partners.

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