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Wholesale or bulk tea Exports

Bulk Tea Exports by Venture Tea is the nations premier source for bulk tea exports. We service clients using the nations largest bulk tea blending machines at our one stop packing factory and warehousing facility. Assisting clients to lower costs, increase efficiency and reduce tea production lead times.

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What is bulk tea?

Bulk tea is purchased by clients who have their own packing plants.

Do you require custom Blends to Suit Your brand?

Find out how Venture Tea can ease your business of the sourcing and blending process.

The Venture Tea

Largest Tea Blending Facility In Sri Lanka

Housing the largest blending facility in Sri Lanka, we are able to fulfil large capacity orders in efficient timelines. Throughout the past two decades Venture Tea continues to be a premium tea buyer at the Colombo Tea Auctions and enjoys the privilege of entertaining over tens of thousands of varieties of tea produced in Sri Lankan tea estates.

This allows us to create distance and specific blends based on client requirements. Our tea tasters use their decades of experience to consistently provide the taste required by our clients worldwide.

Tea Blending MachineS

The tea blending facility is hosted within the main factory premises and is constructed to easily move packed product directly to the warehouse.

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