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International Exports

Today, Venture Tea produces and exports Pure Ceylon Tea in bulk wholesale. And through our Tarlton brand, we expanded our footing to a multitude of diverse palates across the globe. Apart from exporting premium grades of Pure Ceylon Black Tea across the globe, Venture Tea is also committed to offering private label OEM services and co-packing to an array of countries across different continents.

As one of the top exporters of tea to the world, Venture tea holds high our clients to whom we have continuously catered to for over a decade with consistent quality and efficiency.

In over 45 countries worldwide, tea drinkers have found their perfect cup of tea. These figures which are growing extensively, bear testimony to the superiority and popularity of our tea products. We humbly thank all our customers for being with us and trust many more will soon be part of this exciting journey of discovering Pure Ceylon Tea, The world’s finest tea!

Distribution Centers

Venture Tea Distribution, Global, Tarlton Tea

Tarlton Tea

Premium Tea Brand
Romania, Panama, China, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Israel, USA, Hong Kong, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Belarus, Germany, Venezuela, Mongolia, New Zealand, Chile

Bulk Tea

Custom Blends
UAE, Vietnam, Israel, Azerbaijan, Albania, Kosovo, Russia, Taiwan, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Kuwait, Macedonia, USA, Latvia, Ukraine, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, China, Australia.

Private Label

Branding Solutions
Brazil, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Kuwait, Libya, Kosovo, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Libya, China, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, United Kingdom, Gambia, UAE, Turkey, Canada, Iraq, Bahrain, Senegal, Angola, Guinea, DR Congo, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Lebanon


Your Own Brand
Poland, United Kingdom, Gambia, UAE, Guinea, DR Congo, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Turkey, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Kuwait, Libya, Kosovo, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Iraq, Bahrain, Senegal, Angola
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