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Co-Packing Tea

What does co packed by Venture Tea mean?

Contract Tea Packaging or Co-Packing Tea, is a process where we put together your products at various stages into it’s finished packaging and ship them ready for your distribution or shelves. There are several types of Co-Packing systems available with us based on the requirement you have. Venture Tea is a premier CoPacker / CoPacking partner service for Tea in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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Order Fulfillment Service for Tea Companies

Have your orders for your brand of tea fulfilled at various stages of production.

When would you need Co Packing services?

A Certified Business Partner

Venture Tea is one of the top ten exporters of Ceylon Tea in Sri Lanka. Our decades of experience has allowed us to help many businesses start up and grow throughout the decade. In addition to private labeling or white labeling our portfolio of over 250 products, we also have a full scale factory open to contract packaging or contract manufacturing.

Since being established as a supplier of wholesale tea from Sri Lanka for nearly 20 years, many companies ranging from medium to large multinational, currently utilize our services to fulfill their packaging and export requirements. Several combinations of services are available based on the MOQ requirements of the order.


Quality Certifications

All products sourced by Venture Tea are certified for Export quality and food safety standards.


Production Certifications

Certified production facilities, as well as certified food safety management systems.


Health & Safety Certified

Health checks, salinization points, clean rooms and other guidelines placed for safety.


Time Management

Have your orders fulfilled in time for restocking and with no production delays.


Cost Efficiency

The benefits we receive from bulk supplies of tea are passed down to our clients orders.


Proper Employee Care

Providing a healthy and safe workplace for all our staff members.

Ceylon Tea Co Packing Setup

Contract Packaging and Manufacturing takes place in various stages. While packaging your own product is the primary option, we also have the option to manufacture your products from ground up itself. Similar to Private Label, the Co Manufacturing option allows for your own blend to be created inhouse.

Ceylon Tea Exporter, Tea Packing Machines, Venture Tea, Ceylon Black Tea Marketing

co Labeling

This is where we undertake the process of labeling and boxing cartons ready for shipment on behalf of your business. Some options are available only based on capacity availability.

Co PAckaging

This is where we will use your products and to fill packaging designed for your brand and business. You can have our factory produce your goods for collection or direct export.

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Co Manufacturing

This is where we will take over the complete manufacturing process to deliver your blend of tea. This process is similar to the Private Label / White Label services we provide.

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